About Us

Established in 2003, Water Depot, Inc. is a full service wastewater treatment facility located in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland. Water Depot specializes in treating nonhazardous petroleum-contaminated water to both government and private sector clients along the east coast. Water Depot provides support to clients during underground storage tank removals and flood situations where basements or excavations have been flooded with rain water. Water Depot promises to provide its clients with personalized service and cost effective solutions. Water Depot is one of a few wastewater treatment facilities on the east coast and we promise to have our clients in and out of our indoor facility in less time than our competitors. We understand that time is money for our clients so we promise there will be no long waiting times between runs.

Our Team

William C. Gereny

Mr. Gereny is a highly qualified remediation specialist and construction manager with over 24 years of direct experience in environmental consulting and remediation.He designed Water Depot from the ground up. Mr. Gereny has participated and directed major, multi-million dollar projects and is highly experienced in designing remediation systems. He is responsible for...

Eric Harris
Plant Operations Manager

Mr. Harris has over 13 years of experience in the environmental industry with the last 9 years of experience in the supervision and operation of wastewater treatment.  Mr. Harris is highly trained in facilities management including, monitoring equipment, storing and recording sample results, making process control decisions, scheduling and recording maintenance activities...


All of Water Depot's drivers are 40-hour OSHA trained, have either a Class A or Class B CDL License and are DOT certified. They are highly trained professionals that communicate well with clients, contractors and subcontractors. Our drivers are able to resolve problems and maintain friendly relations. They are highly reliable and their equipment is clean and in excellent working order. We have the finest drivers and equipment in the industry